It’s peacoat weather in Seattle. I have mixed emotions. Mostly having to do with the fact that I’m a cold-weather wimp and have been running on the dreadmill more often than outside lately.

Last night: 4 miles, 9:06 pace. I also did strength-training, and I’m moving up to 15-pound weights for moves I once used 12.5 for, and 20-pound weights for what used to be 15-pound moves. Wheeee!

This morning: As I walked up the short hill from my bus stop to my office building, I recalled how that hill nearly killed me when I first interviewed for my job two years ago. I mean, I was DYING – sweaty, heart pumping, gasping-for-air dying – when I reached the top. It’s only a block long.

Now I walk up that hill every morning with barely a change in my breathing.

Fitness. Wins.

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