Several things:

1. Last night, I ran 3 miles (26:something) and then did a 75-minute power flow yoga class with my BFF/running buddy Carly, who just joined my gym. Wooooo!

2. Hightly related to item #1: My quads are on fire today. I think if some Tumblrites wanted to start a band, it could be called Quads On Fire. We would do lunges and get drunk on nuun and high on Gu all the time. Someone with musical talent could play an instrument, maybe.

3. Today’s Answering Oliver post is called You’re Allowed a U-turn, and it’s about how I almost became a boxed-wine alcoholic (no, seriously), but decided to go in a completely different direction and become a runner, triathlete, healthy eater, blogger, photographer and someday-Ironman instead. (I think it was a good decision.)

That’s all for now. HAPPY FRIDAY!

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