Tonight’s easy 3 miles — 26:03.

I don’t want to sound like an asshole, but this really was an easy pace for me. Trust me, I’m shocked.

I never felt super out of breath. I never had to stop. Whenever I checked my watch and slowed down because I thought I was going too fast, I just naturally sped back up anyway.

When I was done, I thought: “Good run. I’m ready.”

6 weeks. 98.5 miles. I began in late July, and suddenly it’s September.

On Monday, I’ll run my second half-marathon in under two hours.

When Carly and I did speed intervals at the track last week, we were exhausted after running 800 hard. After our 800 recovery, I said: “We only have two hard 400s left. Let’s be fucking champions.”

I have NO idea where that came from, but I just said it and it worked! We did our 400s like champions. I have a feeling that phrase will be thrown around quite a bit as we run this half together.

So, my lovely Tumblr buddies, whether you’re racing, training or just drinking and relaxing this weekend… let’s be fucking champions!

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