Yesterday was a bike ‘n’ swim day! I did 15 miles on the bike at a 14 mph average, which would have been faster if the trail wasn’t so crowded. The trail had a 15 mph speed limit anyway (and even had a digital sign that clocked you at one point!), but the serious riders weren’t really following it. One guy who was hunkered down on his aero bars was going ridiculously fast and almost hit a dog before the owner yanked its leash and pulled it out of the way! Not cool.

Then I hit the lake for my first opwn-water training swim. I went to the actual lake where the tri is!

I finally understand why people say they panic in open water… the water is murky, the milfoil is abundant and shiz gets scary when you hit a cold spot! I figured out that I needed to stay in a shallow area to avoid freaking out, and I ended up being able to swim from one end of the dock to the other (parallel to the shore). I couldn’t get much farther than the length of a lap pool without resting, but I practiced flipping onto my back to swim since I know I’ll need to do that during the race.

It was a great training weekend! This week, I taper.

Half-marathon a week from today. Triathlon in 11 days.

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