I got a hammock last week ($40, with stand, Craigslist, thank you) and all I want to do when I get home from work is lie in it.

So I do for a little bit, and then I go run.

Last night I took a roundabout route to the gym to knock out two slow miles (9:45-ish, recovery-style), then did a modified version of the strength workout that kristysfoodandfitness posted yesterday.

Instead of leg stuff for the second set of exercises, I did ab stuff. I hate ab stuff, but I’d also like to have nice abs, so I’m grudgingly starting to do ab stuff. (Normal people call them crunches.)

Then I ran a quick mile home. I physically cannot run slowly after strength training! My feet feel like they have springs on them and there ain’t nothing I can do to keep from springin’ on home.

Side note: I usually run by a fire station on the way home, and on warm nights there are usually a few firefighters sitting out front relaxing and, you know, waiting for fires. I always wave and they always say, “Good evening, m’am!”

Ain’t nothing wrong with having some firefighters in your life.

Today is a rest day, also known as “eat the face off some Chipotle” day. I go with a salad, no dressing, chicken, lots of pico de gallo, fajita vegetables and a side of guacamole. Yum to the yum.

11 miles tomorrow. I’m running along the half-marathon route. Half-marathon in 9 days. Wooooo!

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