I swear Carly and I actually ran ON this track — the GPS did the best it could.

We did 5 miles of speedwork, averaging a 9:12 pace overall. We did an easy one-mile warmup, then alternated hard and easy laps and eventually two hard laps followed by two easy laps. We did our hard laps in the 7:00-7:30 pace range, which was challenging, but great! Ended with a 1.5-mile easy cooldown.

Today I got the strongest craving for a buttery, toasted grilled-cheese sandwich oozing with Beecher’s Flagship cheese and brie. I’m sorry I just put that image into your minds, but that’s what happened! I picked up some brie from Trader Joe’s and had a couple several bites straight from the wedge to satisfy that craving.

Look for me on “True Life: I Want to Inject Double-Creme Brie Directly Into My Veins.”

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