Becoming one with the floor

10 miles before 10 a.m. with my friend Carly this morning. We’re ready for our sub-two-hour half!! Just an 11-miler to go next Saturday, and then it’s game time on Monday, Sept. 5.

I was hurting after this run. My legs felt fine; I was just TIRED! Please observe the time for mile 10 β€” 8:53.

The floor seemed like a good place to be. I also tried to get some electrolytes to go straight to my brain.

Hmmm, not quite! I picked up the drink at a convenience store on my way home and was not prepared for how sugary it tasted. I would have killed for some Nuun! Must stock up.

Do y’all have a favorite Nuun flavor? I’ve only tried a few, but Tropical is pretty delish!

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