Just finishing up an everything bagel with peanut butter, then off to do my 8-mile run along the seawall in Vancouver!

I planned to do it Friday night, but I found myself exhausted and got pancakes and waffles for dinner with Aaron instead. Then I took a nap. Hmm, doesn’t everyone do that on Friday nights?

I mean… I totally knew this beautiful waterfront trail would be in Vancouver, just waiting for me to run it… yup. That’s my story.

P.S. I wandered around this sunny city for three hours yesterday. I visited a Brazilian festival, ate chocolate gelato, plopped myself onto random patches of pristine green grass to soak in the sunshine, took tons of photos, and capped off the day with a few beers at a hostel bar with some French travelers. ‘Twas glorious. Aaron arrives today!!!

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