I kind of rocked at life last night.

First, I ran a mile to the gym (8:39).

Then, I knocked out this strength workout with free weights — 3 sets of 12 reps for each move:

– Push-ups (on knees)
– Upright rows — 10 lb. weights (yes, 10 lb. each)
– Shoulder press — 10 lb. weights
– Hammer curls — 10 lb. weights
– Bent-over fly — 5 lb. weights (this was hard!)
– Dips

A great workout. Check out Carrots ‘N’ Cake for links that explain all those moves.

Afterward, I ran a half-mile to the grocery store (4:29), then walked another half-mile home.

I made roasted eggplant baba ganoush and seared lemon-pepper salmon for dinner. Yeah, actual cooking, like a real grown-up! It was super delish.

As for the lovely shoes you see above, those are the Brooks Ghost 4s (as in the next generation after my Ghost 3s), and I ordered them today because I realized that by the time I run through my 480-something-mile marathon training plan, I’ll be long overdue for replacing my shoes to run the marathon itself!

I got 25% off on these for being a Road Runner Sports VIP (they were having an extra sale for members)… can’t wait to test ’em out!

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