“Congratulations, you are now registered for the Cottage Lake Tri & Tri Again!”

As Courtney said on Twitter, I better start working on my doggy paddle!

Here’s what’s OFFICIALLY going down on September 10:

– 0.25 mile swim
– 9 mile bike
– 1.6 mile run

Not too bad, right?? Remember that I’m also gunning for a half-marathon PR four days before this…

I tip-toed around signing up for this race for a few weeks. What finally pushed me over the edge?

I watched a blind cancer survivor named Barbara Oswald compete in the triathlon that Aaron did a few weeks ago. She swam, biked and ran with another person helping to guide her. It was her 10th triathlon since this article was written about her in 2007.

Sight, good health, mobility, you name it – they are all incredible gifts. I signed up for my first triathlon in celebration of those gifts. I never want to feel like I’ve squandered them.

Aaron’s going to suit up once again and celebrate with me. Here we go!!!

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