The ol’ Tumblr’s been quiet lately, but fear not… MARATHON training starts SOON!

Tonight I started strength training. Aaron’s mom is a former bodybuilder and current fitness extraordinaire with something like seven personal-training certifications, and she taught me a few lifting routines that I can start out with. She literally demonstrated them as I took notes. Thank you, Greta!!

The workout — I used free weights and did 3 sets of 12 reps for each move:

– 1 mile run to the gym (9:05)
– Chest: dumbell press and dumbell press on an incline (8 lb.)
– Biceps: bicep curls and hammer curls (8 lb.)
– Triceps: skull crushers (8 lb.) and kickbacks (5 lb.)
– 1 mile run home (8:16 — holla!)

The other workout (for another day) works upper and lower back, shoulders and abs.

I’d like to do strength training twice a week. Yayyy for (soon) no longer being a runner with strong legs and Gumby arms!

Oh, and the above photo is Aaron and me right after he finished crushed STP on Saturday!

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