Italian wine and eats

The race recap will be posted first thing in the morning… I was pulled away from my computer today by some very important sunbathing (with sunscreen) that had to be done by the pool at my friend’s new apartment.

And then Aaron and I partook of a wine flight at a local Italian restaurant, Perche’no.

Four wines and antipasto for $6!

The antipasto included Caprese salad, a deliciously seasoned zucchini slice, a red bell pepper chunk with drizzled honey, a bit of frittata and OMG THE BEST PORTOBELLO MUSHROOM OF ALL TIME. Seriously. That thing was divine, and Aaron abhors fungus, so I got to have TWO of them!

I also ordered prosciutto-wrapped figs because, uh, why not? The prosciutto was homemade… the figs were fresh… so yummy.

Aaron had gnocchi (also delicious), and we both nibbled on bread with super-yummy herbed olive oil. This is definitely my favorite local restaurant, and the owners (who are actually Asian-American β€” David and Lily Kong) are so involved and friendly!

One of the best parts about running races is all the eating I get to do afterward!! Tune in for the epic half-marathon recap Monday morning!

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