DetermiNation team dinner

The American Cancer Society put on a nice dinner for all the Seattle DetermiNation athletes last night. I almost didn’t recognize everyone in normal clothes and with their hair down and makeup on!

A bunch of volunteers were on hand to cheer on the athletes as we went into the dining room.

The music, cheers and support got me really excited for TOMORROW!

We had a plated dinner of Caesar salad and pasta with chicken, plus CUPCAKES! My table of eight included three people with food restrictions: one who didn’t eat gluten, one who didn’t eat dairy and one who didn’t eat meat. Unfortunately, our server didn’t quite understand what these needs meant, so she kept bringing out more PASTA with CHICKEN and creamy sauce/CHEESE for these people.

Aaron took advantage of the rejected food and ate FOUR dinners total. Plus, he had at least four cupcakes, maybe even five (I lost track). He just told everyone he’s carb-loading for the marathon… which he isn’t even running : D

It was great that we got to spend some time with people we’ve been training with for months and months, and to be able to talk about our nerves going into the race. The girls who sat next to me are running the full marathon, so I felt like I shouldn’t be nervous at all since I’m only running HALF that! It kinda made me feel better. : D

Oooh, and I goofed up. I planned to go to the expo last night to pick up my bib/switch corrals, but the dinner was actually at 6:00, not 7:00 like I thought! Since I didn’t have time for the expo, I’ll be hitting it right after work tonight. So excited – my first expo!

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