The final countdown!

OK, kids! TWO days until my first half-marathon! Here’s some fun info:

  • I did my LAST training run last night – 2 miles at 8:46-ish pace (I forget). Now I just have to trust my training!
  • I’m going to the race expo tonight with a new friend to pick up my race number, packet, shirt and swag, PLUS move to a faster corral. I estimated my finish time at 2:15 when I signed up for this race way back when (having no clue what my goal pace was), so now I’m gonna estimate a 2:00 finish to get into a slightly faster corral than I think is necessary – just so I won’t have to weave. Wheee!
  • I’ve listened to this song about 50,000 times since Monday. It’s helping with the nerves.

I’ve also read this message about 50,000 times since it was sent to me on Saturday, and I’ll probably read it 50,000 more:

Anonymous asked you:

I just have to say, you’re going to kick ass in your race. You’ll totally suprise yourself and probably break 2:05 – if not better. I know you should just focus on finishing and all that, but if you stay positive, keep a good clip going and just keep moving like you have been, you’ll totally beast this run. Even at 9:20-9:40s on your training runs, you might bring a way lower number on race day. (But don’t over think it!) Good luck!

You, Anonymous, are a patriot and a scholar. Also, extremely good-looking.

The encouragement means so much, and beast this run is totally my mantra for this race!

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