First run with the Garmin. First run in the wbaw shirt. First run after 3 days of being sick. First run after 9 DAYS OF NOT RUNNING.

3 miles, 8:42 pace.

The Garmin has proven what I’ve long suspected: I can run faster than I thought I could! Wooooo-hoooooo!!!

11 miles tomorrow morning with the DetermiNation team — the longest run of this training cycle — and then just two weeks until my first half-marathon!

P.S. CREDIT where credit is due:

Aaron, 1:28 PM: What do you want to do tonight?

Me, 1:46 PM: Run, have dinner, watch Kung Fu Panda?

Me, 4:39 PM: I don’t really wanna run tonight. Blahhh : /

Aaron, 4:46 PM: Just a short one!

Aaron, 4:47 PM: If you go right when you get home, I’ll be there rightish when you get back.

He’s a genius.

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