Someone messaged me to ask if I’ll share the revelation I had about what I want for my life, and I will – as soon as I can type it all up and try to do it justice in writing.

I’m packing up this morning and heading back to Seattle. It’s bittersweet. On the one hand, I had an unbelievable weekend and met so many unspeakably incredible people, and I’m sad to say goodbye to that. On the other hand, now I can take what I’ve learned here and start applying it to my life – and start making some really, really exciting plans.

Someone who attended the conference tweeted, “To my new friends: no, it wasn’t a dream. Yes, it really happened.” I couldn’t have said it better.

I had beers last night with Nate (above left), who’s in the middle of walking across the country (he hitched a ride out from Missouri to be here, and he’s getting dropped off back in Missouri to resume the journey). He turns 23 today.

I traipsed around PDX at 2:45 a.m. with No Meat Athlete, looking for his hotel since he’d forgotten the cross streets. (Luckily I had a map and was able to send him in the right direction).

I had a crazy-deep conversation with Leo Babauta of Zen Habits – a keynote speaker and legit hero of mine – and when I approached him later in the weekend, I asked, “Do you remember me?” and he replied, “ I will never forget you.”

A Kiwi owes me a beer – in New Zealand.

So that’s where I am. My mind is blown. And I’m already signed up for next year’s conference. : D

Note: I was lying on the ground in the middle of downtown Portland while taking the above photo, and no one thought it was weird because it’s Portland. What an incredible city.

P.S. I didn’t run this weekend, and I don’t feel bad. I realized this weekend: When faced with doing what you want to do and doing what you “should” do,  pick one – but don’t waste time agonizing over the decision, and don’t make yourself feel guilty if you ultimately choose what you want to do.

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