Aaron and I are in Kennewick for the weekend, staying with his dad and stepmom. Eastern Washington is beautiful in such a different way than Western Washington! There’s lots of sun, rolling hills and a more deserty climate than the rainy area west of the Cascades. We are loving the sun!!

We did our first 10-mile run yesterday in 1:40 – 10:00 pace. We stopped at a gas station 5 miles in for a refreshing Powerade/energy bar fix. We ran past cows and horses in the hot sun… we weren’t in Seattle anymore!

Aside from my knees hurting a bit near the end, I felt good about the run and our pace. Less than one month to go till my first half-marathon!!

P.S. Just booked a trip! Aaron and I will be in NYC Sept. 30 through Oct. 3!!

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