This is just past the 10K mark, which I ran in about 55:40 (my 10K PR is 56:25), and the first time I spotted Aaron, his mom and my mom along the course. Woo-hoo!

The woman to the left is Meredith. Around mile 2, she said to her buddy, “This woman in the pink is my pacer.” I yelled back, “Me?” She replied, “Yeah! You’ve got really good form and you’re going at a great pace. I’m following you.”

And she did. The whole race.

Around mile 7, she asked, “Are you running the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll half?” I replied, “Yeah, how did you know?” She answered, “I didn’t. I was just hoping you were so you could pace me there, too!”

Oh, Meredith. I heart you.

Today is the LAST DAY to enter The Best Running Raffle EVER! for a chance β€” or up to 15 chances β€” to win Brooks shoes, a lululemon gift card, running books, Do Life gear and more. All the details are HERE!

So far, the raffle has raised $919.10* thanks to your generosity! I said I’d throw in a second pair of Brooks shoes if it raised $1,500… can we do it?? I’d love to give someone a nice gift. My Brooks Ghost 3s got me through my longest distance ever today with no pain!!

This is the last time I’ll bug you guys for donations. You’re all amazing. Thank you so, so, so much for the support.

*NOTE on my fundraising page: $460 was raised prior to the raffle; the grand total if the raffle raises $1,500 will be $1,960.

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