Lucas and I are now Facebook friends, and I spotted this photo on his profile and asked about his race. He said:

The race I did, which was my first race by the way, was the 10k of Lausanne (the town where I study) in the end of April. It’s a very big race (for us small Swiss people…) with about 20,000 runners in several categories. It was an unforgettable memory!

If you needed any more proof that Lucas is awesome… there you go.

Also, I wanna give a shoutout to another awesome guy who helped with The Best Running Raffle EVER!Ben Davis, who happens to be turning 25 today.

He didn’t hesitate for a moment when I asked him if he’d like to donate some Do Life gear to the raffle. In fact, I believe his words were, “WOOO! RAFFLE.”

The American Cancer Society’s goal is to help people celebrate more birthdays, and Ben has done just that over the last few years by inspiring countless people to get active and reclaim their health. So many people will celebrate more birthdays in their lives because of Ben.

Today, let’s celebrate his. Happy birthday, Ben!

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