How are the donations coming? I’m so excited for you!

So far, the donors who’ve chipped in for the Brooks, lululemon, Runner’s World & Do Life Raffle have been extremely generous! Let me tell you why.

Every single one of them is a second-time donor. That means they already donated to my American Cancer Society fundraising efforts back when there was nothing in it for them. And now they’re donating again.

There are only a few of them, and if I were to end the raffle right now, they’d each get two prizes! But you know what? These special Tumblrites are beyond generous, and they would 100% deserve it. You know who you are – thank you so much.

If anyone is inspired by these folks and would like to join in the raffle fun to benefit a great cause, click here for all the info on how to get involved.

You have something like a 300% chance of winning a prize right now, not to mention a 1,000% chance of being awesome.

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