Tumblr Crush Tuesday! This is my first time posting this, so I decided to write a nice little blurb about each of these awesome bloggers in case you want to follow any all of them.

C’mon, now. I have really good taste.

tanadoeslife: Tana is one badass mom! She runs and does Crossfit — excuse me, kills Crossfit — and is super strong and inspiring. She also just scored a half-marathon PR! Congrats, Tana!

theactiveartist: Alex just celebrated the one-year anniversary of beginning his weight-loss journey, and he’s lost 90 pounds so far! He really has a positive attitude and the drive to meet his goals. So far, he’s run a few 5Ks and a 10K, and now he’s signed up for a half-marathon. I’ll be cheering you on, Alex!

runwithrach: Another badass mom! Rach lives ‘WTFU.’ She’s a powerhouse triathlete who inspires me to get my butt moving on the daily, and she also posts some drool-worthy healthy meal photos. Holla, Rach!

shandoeslife: Shannon’s mantra is, “She believed she could, so she did.” She believed she could lose 70 pounds, so she did. She believed she could run a half-marathon, so she did. What will she tackle next? I believe in you, Shannon!

roadto26pointtwo: This girl lost 80 pounds and then ran her first marathon in 3:44. Whaaaaat?!? I bow down to you, roadto26pointtwo!

threeball: James is from my neck of the woods (Seattle-Tacoma, what-what!) and is therefore automatically awesome. But he’s even more awesome because he’s a ‘balls-to-the-wall’ kinda guy. He was all ready to run a half-marathon, but decided at the last minute to run a marathon instead. And he did it in just over 4 hours, because he felt like it. Sea-town get-down, James!

thereluctantrunner: She decided to run a marathon. She chose Boston, naturally. There’s not a whole lot more to say, except that she’s also friggin’ hilarious. You make me smile and laugh, Ms. Boston Marathoner!

irondoeslife: I had the pleasure of meeting Darcy at the Do Life: Seattle meetup, and she’s quite a determined/badass woman. She’s killing it in the gym every morning wayyy before I’m even awake. And did I mention she’s done three Ironmans? Three. Ironmans. Hope to see you again soon, Darcy!

kateatahealthyrate: I’m gonna nominate Kate for ‘Miss Congeniality’ of Tumblr. She’s so kind, and her nice comments always give me a boost! She also lives up to her Tumblr name with her healthy outlook on eating and fitness. Kate, I’ll be sending you the same positive vibes you constantly give out as you prepare for your half-marathon in July!

That was fun! But should I be following/crushing on YOU, too? I’ve gotten a little lazy with clicking the ‘follow’ button, so holla at me if you think I should hop on board your awesome-train. (Wow, I am so weird.)

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