The stress-free, injury-free training plan of joy and awesomeness!

I’m currently making all this happen for dinner. Making my own veggie-based pasta sauce with some beans for protein. I have no idea what I’m doing, but that’s the fun! Choose your own adventure!

Anyway, I’ve decided to train for my half-marathon at my own pace and not get stressed out (i.e. have a panic attack) by putting too much pressure on myself to follow the DetermiNation schedule. Unfortunately, I still have a little shin pain the day after I run, so I need to alternate running days with strength/yoga/cross/rest days.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

Monday: cardio/strength/core DVD (Ms. Jillian Michaels)

Tuesday: track run with the team (alternating speed/hill workouts)

Wednesday: power yoga

Thursday: run on my own

Friday: rest

Saturday: long run with the team

Sunday: cross-train (bike, walk, yoga)

I loved the power yoga class that I went to tonight. The teacher was great and the class was fast-paced enough that I sweated a decent amount, plus felt the strengthening moves in my arms and legs. I realized I need at least one yoga class a week to calm down, stretch out and get my zen on, and this one is perfect.

Life is looking up! I’m excited!

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