Sad Leg Saturday

Let me start by saying that I’ve always had bigger, more muscular calves than most of my friends. As a baby, my parents said I had “tree-stump legs.” All my life, shoe salesmen and women asked me if I was a soccer player (no) because of my legs.

As a result, I was always afraid to jump into the knee-high leather boots trend because I figured they wouldn’t fit me. Lo and behold, I found and splurged on a beautiful pair that fit perfectly! As seen here on my 23rd birthday:

I wore them quite a bit and got lots of compliments. They’ve gotten a little dirty and I need to get them cleaned, so they’ve been in my closet for months. Last night, I tried them on and confirmed what I’ve long suspected to be the sad truth…

Because of running, my calves have outgrown my beloved boots. I can still zip them all the way up, but they are so tight around my calves that I can barely walk.

Don’t get me wrong — I’ll take the muscles over the boots any day. I just really loved those boots.

(I love running more.)

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