I’m thinking of signing up for the Seattle’s Best 15k… it the one that runs around Lake Washington right?

I’m so excited for this race!! It actually runs counter-clockwise around Lake Union with an out-and-back along the Ship Canal.

It’ll be an awesome race because:

a) It’s on my 24th birthday (May 21). Woo-hoo!

b) It starts at beautiful Gas Works Park and the whole route is scenic.

c) The course crosses the Fremont Bridge and the University Bridge. The Fremont Bridge is guaranteed to be down between 7:10 and 7:30 a.m., but other than that, you have to wait (and get to rest!) while the bridge(s) open and close. That time gets deducted from your overall time. Fun game!

Also, you get a tech tee and a medal, plus there’ll be aid stations with water, gels and porta-potties every 2 miles. You can find tons of great info here.

The race is limited to 1,000 participants, so register soon! A list of registered participants is posted on the Web site… I’m the 7th person. Like I said, I’m REALLY excited.

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