The element of surprise.

Aaron and I are heading to my mom’s house tonight for his birthday dinner, which is birthday celebration #3, if you’re keeping track.

1. Dinner with his family
2. Dinner with just the two of us
3. Dinner with my family

But wait, there’s more! Birthday celebration #4 is about two weeks away. Here’s the backstory…

One month ago

Aaron and I pick up dinner from Trader Joe’s. He drives my car and parks it on my street. We go inside and start making food. Then I go back out to grab something I forgot in the car.

I return with, “Oh, *!#%!, I got a parking ticket! Geez, it actually looks like TWO tickets!”

Aaron starts to get upset because he’s the one who parked the car. I’m pissed.

He asks to see them, so I hand him two tickets… to the sold-out Chris Cornell acoustic concert that he’s been dying to go to.

I win.

The concert is May 1.

And all that was to tell you that on our way to my mom’s house, we’re going to the Microsoft store (random?) to pick up my race bib/chip, Brooks tech tee (!) and bag of goodies (!!!). Bellevue does swanky races!

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