If at first you don’t succeed, change into dry clothes and try again!

OK, so this happened:

I tried to run in the hail, you guys. (Full disclosure: the lowest point on the graph was when I tried to hide under a tree.) I only headed home when the hail started pelting my face and threatening to blind me. Yeah… that’s what happened.

My sweatshirt, shirt and capris were soaked, so I changed into a whole new outfit and put on my trusty baseball cap. Then I enjoyed the following run with a beautiful view of a rainbow (sadly not a double rainbow):

Can you tell that 3 miles is my go-to distance?

I skipped the hills and just went to the trail since the sidewalks in my neighborhood were full of slippery death after the storm. In 3 days, I will run, jog and/or walk a 10K, but I will not eat sh*t down a hill and crutch a 10K!

The good news is that the pretty steep hills I ran before/during the hail incident were not as bad as I thought they’d be. I think hills are mental. If I don’t freak out about the four major hills in the 10K course, I’ll be fine.

Slow and steady wins finishes the race!

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