Baby. I’m. BACK!

It felt good to run a bit on the faster side tonight! After being cooped up for a week and holding back on my last run for fear of re-aggravating my leg ouchiness, I wanted to push myself, and this was a very satisfying three-miler.

I found that my legs did not hurt when I really focused on having good running form – holding myself up tall, keeping my feet straight, leaning forward slightly and trying to land on my midfoot. Sooo… good running form = less pain? Huh.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I’m pretty sure I get hotter and sweatier than most people while exercising, and I took off my long-sleeve shirt 1.5 miles in (I was wearing a white tank underneath). On my way back, a sketchy dude gave me a looong look and a creepy smile, and I think that contributed quite a bit to the speedy last mile.

Thanks, sketchy dude. Do you mind hanging out around mile 5.5 of my 10K?

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