I RUN NYC: Inspired

Wow, wow, WOW! What a great feeling… better than the feeling of finishing a race… to have inspired someone all the way across the country, even just a little.

It’s a sunny day in Seattle. I just got back from a lunchtime walk and my legs are feeling better (but still not 100%). Your donations and support have helped me SO MUCH today. Even my mommy has donated!!

Thank you, irunnyc, for your very kind words and your thoughtful donation.


So I was going to sit and bum around until 7 when my fam & I were going to go to my sister’s fiancé’s birthday thing, but then I read Devon’s blog and how she’s pushing through despite her swollen feet because she is running for a good cause and she committed herself to it. & I signed up for a marathon on May 1st and I have to do it. Just yesterday I was thinking that I will never DNF a race, I will walk if I must even though I hate stopping during a race, but I will finish what I started. And Devon reminded me of that. So instead of bumming for the next 2 hours, I will go to the gym and do what my body will let me. RUN.

I RUN NYC: Inspired

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