“Very nice!!!”

WE DID IT! Day 1 of American Cancer Society fundraising went fabulously, and I’ll put together a video of Do Life: Seattle outtakes this weekend! It’ll be up on Tumblr by Monday, April 4, for your enjoyment.

We raised a total of $111 today – MORE than my goal! Thank you so much to Aaron Pass, Ben Davis, Becks, Rob,  "An admiring tumblr follower" and “Some dude living in VA who loves WA.”

In addition, thanks to everyone who sent encouragement to my Ask box today – your kindness blew me away. You’ve all helped give me the confidence I need to meet my ultimate fundraising goal and, oh yeah, run 13.1 miles!

I tackled 4 miles in 42-ish minutes tonight. Big sweaty times on the treadmill while watching ‘Sex and the City’ with no audio and no subtitles. Innnteresting!

Thanks again, everyone, for a great day.

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