Hey Devon. I just saw your tumblr post and decided to donate. I’ll have to eat bologna sandwiches for the rest of April but it’s worth it. That’s a lie actually, and I don’t think that would be punishment anyways ;) I follow your blog and like what you post… I love running and anything Seattle, keeps me motivated! It makes me want to be there though. I don’t request anything like you said, challenges or otherwise. It’s a great cause and I’m lucky enough in life to be in a position to help random folks at random times. Oh… have fun running! Consequently I’ll be up there visiting my cousin in Seattle the first week of May and decided to run the Tacoma Half on the 1st. If you look way towards the back, the 9 minute milers, I’ll be in there somewhere! Good luck!!! Cheers, -James

THANK YOU, you rock!! Since this will be my first half and is my first time fundraising, this means so, so, so much. LOVE that the donation is in part because of how much you love Seattle.

Way to commit to the Tacoma Half – that’s sick! And if you’re with the 9-minute milers, that means you’ll run way faster than I will! Be sure to post all about it – good luck to you!!

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