Team IntimiDation… I mean DetermiNation!!

I’ve officially signed up to run and raise money with the American Cancer Society’s DetermiNation team for the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon this June! I’m excited to train with a group and a knowledgeable coach, as well as contribute to a great cause.

The team has officially been training since early February, but I’m jumping into my first team run this coming Saturday at 8 a.m. I’ve been training on my own for my first 10K in April. The run on Saturday is 7 miles. Hmmmm.

The coach emailed me the training schedule today and it is I feel like I’m way behind and everyone will know it. I’ve been doing kinda lousy tempo runs and speed intervals on the treadmill rather than legit training runs at the track. I’ve been snoozing peacefully on Saturday mornings rather than knocking out long runs.

But I bet everyone will be nice and welcoming. Nobody will make me feel dumb or behind the group. And once I get my very own DetermiNation shirt, I’ll blend right in with the pack, running full speed ahead to my very first half marathon.

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