St. Patty’s Day run at sunset

My training plan called for 2 miles + strength, but I decided to skip strength since I’ll be cleaning our bathrooms tonight (which’ll take strength!). Midway through my planned two-miler along the Fremont canal, the gorgeous sunset and cool evening air convinced me to make it three. I love, love, love running outside.

Much to the chagrin of TanaDoesLife and myself, the lovely new splits feature on the Nike+ Web site has disappeared! I found a thread in the Nike+ forum about it and the response from the official Nike+ forum moderator was this:

“Hi folks,

Thanks for letting us know you noticed the split feature on your Nike+ GPS runs last week, liked the feature, and wanted it back. I’ve relayed your impassioned pleas to our site team.

The feature was unintentionally deployed before it was fully ready, and I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to bring back that feature, or something very similar, as the site continues to evolve!"Β 

Booooo. Why is a feature so basic taking so long for such a huge company to launch?

I love my Nike+ because it’s small, basic and easy to plug right into my computer, but I’ll probably look into getting a Garmin at some point. It would be nice to have both to choose from, depending on what type of run I plan to do. If anyone has used both a Nike+ and a Garmin and has thoughts on the pros/cons of each, please let me know!

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