Did my first run in about two weeks yesterday!! I was REALLY sick the week before leaving on vacation, and I’ve been on vacation/still recovering from sickness this whole past week.

We ran from our hotel along Waikiki Beach up toward Diamond Head Beach Park (about 1.5 miles) and then kept walking through some super rich neighborhoods. One house was for sale for $6 million and it didn’t even have an ocean view!! I can’t even imagine what the ocean view/oceanfront houses cost…

We walked back to where we stopped running (it was really hot by this point) and then ran the 1.5 miles back to the beach. We then ripped off our shoes and socks and ran right into the water (significantly warmer water than the kind we ran into during the Polar Bear Dive). It was the best end to a run ever!

Overall, it was nearly 6 miles of running/walking. It felt good to get back to running, but I’ll enjoy the cooler weather of Seattle for my outdoor runs when I get home. : )

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