Second-to-last run of my 5K training plan! 30 minute tempo:

– 10 minutes at 10:10
– 15 minutes at 9:05
– 5 minutes at 10:10

3.1 miles of running (9:40 average pace).

I used a foam roller for the first time after this run after watching some YouTube videos on how to do it. It felt goooood! Well, and hurt a little around my knees, but mostly felt good.

I did all the rolling shown in this video: hamstrings, calves, quads, IT band on both sides, and back (ahhh, the best part). My legs definitely felt less tight/sore as I walked to the locker room, and my back felt less crunched up than it usually does after a day of sitting at my desk.

Foam roller = new best bud.

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