And the knee makes a triumphant comeback!

I planned to do speedwork tonight, but decided to swap tonight’s workout with tomorrow’s and do 3 miles instead. I was worried about my knee after the 8-mile-grinding-super-ouchy-times thing on Sunday.

My knee felt AWESOME. In fact, my legs felt great the whole time. My lungs felt great. Everything was great. I pushed myself harder than usual, and surprised myself by realizing that I could stand to push myself even harder next time.

3 miles in 28:36 (average 9:31 pace). The last mile was sub-9:00, and I even got up to 8:30 pace at one point (unprecedented for me on the treadmill).

I wanted to jump off and rest for a second about 2.5 miles in, but I just kept thinking, “Legs feel great. Lungs feel great. Keep going. Don’t quit.” Sure enough, I finished just fine.

Not only do I need to push myself more, but I need to believe that I can rock it.

I’m excited for speedwork tomorrow. Let’s go!

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