My new bundle of joy: 15" MacBook Pro.

A laptop that actually:

– takes less than 5 minutes to turn on
– doesn’t quit Safari and close all my windows for no reason
– doesn’t freeze when I try to listen to music or watch a video on YouTube
– doesn’t freak out when I upload my runs to Nike+
– does a million other amazing things that my poor, old iBook G4 will only ever dream of.

And it came with a free printer that also scans and faxes. What?

Time to do 7 miles today. Yoga on Friday was relaxing, but a little slow for me. I’ll try a more advanced class next time. Yesterday’s rain/doom/gloom, laptop excitement and minor car accident* squashed all plans for doing 5 miles.

I’ll let you know how it goes today!

*I was a passenger, it wasn’t my car, some crazy older lady rear-ended us. No one was hurt. Very odd situation.

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