After the 6-miler on Saturday, we were both STARVING and an errand happened to take us by Krispy Kreme. I insisted we stop so I could get a classic KK glazed doughnut, since I hadn’t had one in forever and they are so delicious.

I also picked up this ridiculously amazing Hostess-cupcake-like doughnut-cake thing. Yes, it was chocolate, and yes, it was filled with creme just like a Hostess cupcake. Even Aaron, who doesn’t really like chocolate things and doesn’t really like creme, thought it was sent from heaven. So, so good.

(The old-fashioned doughnut was Aaron’s. Also delicious. To be clear, I ate a glazed doughnut in addition to the Hostess doughnut. I’m not sorry.)

We grabbed dinner and drinks at Cafe Venus and the Mars Bar since Aaron had heard its mac and cheese was the bomb. It was. There were at least three types of cheese in the mix, plus melted mozzerella on top, plus golden, buttery, crispy breadcrumbs. Perfection.

(I also had a fabulous spinach salad with roasted red peppers, curried walnuts and mustard-tahini dressing for good measure.)

Nothing like running 6 miles to make me feel entitled to all this yummyness : )

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