Happy 2011!!! Resolution Run/Polar Bear Dive done!

It was super fun and there were tons of people. The trail at Magnuson Park was ICY, and the massive crowd of runners also slowed us down quite a bit for the first half of the race. Including the dive, our time was 31:03 (10:01 pace).

I also ran THE ENTIRE TIME. A first!

Aaron ran with me, which was nice since he can kill a 5K in 23 minutes. It was fun to do the plunge and run shuffle across the icy finish line together.

Yeah, the 100 yards from the lake to the finish line consisted of a solid sheet of ice. We shuffled.

I was surprised by how not-cold I was after the dive. The sun was out, and it actually felt nice to cool down after the sweaty run! We also enjoyed free hot chili after the race… yum!

Such a fun race to kick off 2011!

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