Here’s a sad little run run/walk/die/walk/run/die situation for ya.

I did this on the treadmill while wearing my Sportband so I could compare the numbers on the watch to the numbers on the treadmill and calibrate the watch correctly (assuming the treadmill is correct… which I’m not sure it is).

I didn’t count on DYING a mile and a half into the run and then struggling for the entire rest of it.

I ran the first mile at a 10:00 pace (so said the treadmill). That felt great, so I decided I was cool enough to try to run the second mile at a 9:30 pace (so said the treadmill). Half a mile in, I got a sharp pain in the middle of my body above my stomach. Not sure which organ/muscle/whatever that is, but it was exploding.

So I walked, tried to run again, pain exploded, walked again and then ran some more at a slower pace. I tried to bump it up at the end to finish strong, but then the pain exploded again and I finished the workout walking. Bummer.

Here are head-to-head numbers from the treadmill and the Sportband for the same workout (the timing is a little off; my simultaneous-button-pressing isn’t all that great):

Distance: 3.18 miles
Time: 35:00

Distance: 3.36 miles
Time: 34:21

The Sportband is obviously a bit over on the mileage, so I’ll be able to use these numbers to make it more accurate. After this, I wonder how the Sportband will do when I run a known distance outside? I’ll need to hit a track to do a mile and see if it’s really accurate then.

Lesson from tonight: Slow and steady is better than too fast and hard. I’d rather have a longer, pain-free run than try to push too hard and have it ruin my whole run.

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