Sweet new gear

My super-awesome-wonderful friend gave me a Nike+ Sportband as an early Christmas present to track my distance, time, pace and calories burned as I run. Win!

Click here to see what it looks like (mine is black and yellow). I would include a picture of it here, but I don’t underestimate Nike’s ability to have me murdered for copyright infringement. Therefore, I’ll play it safe.

The screen/button portion is actually a little USB drive that handily detaches from the band and plugs right into your computer. I just plugged it in to download the Nike+ Utility software and personalize my settings; now it’s charging. Super easy!

It’ll automatically upload my runs to my account whenever I plug it in, so I can keep track of my progress and possibly even link to it here!

I have today off of work (yayyy, random PTO day!), so perhaps I’ll use it for the first time and tell you how it goes!

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