Just finished with a walk around Yorba Linda in the sun. Stopped in at a Kohl’s to check out an electric blanket for my granddad (he’s 91 and gets very cold, even in SoCal), but felt like I was suffocating with all the people. Put the blanket on hold, as the checkout lines were EPIC.

So glad to return to the outdoors. But then, a bee flew into my hair, got stuck, and a frantic struggle resulted in a half-alive bee bleeding goo all over me. Smashed it with my foot; was not stung. Miracle status!

Found this Thrive Path with motivational facts about the health benefits of walking and decided to follow it. Turns out it’s just a short footpath around a Kaiser Permanente building. Nevertheless, I THRIVED!

Now just sitting in the hotel parking lot, soaking up some vitamin D to get me through the rest of the Seattle winter. Peaceful time! A good start to the day.

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