Done with flow yoga! It was a nice, relaxing-yet-challenging 75 minutes. Funny how yoga is both at the same time.

Dinner options are looking very… sweet potato-y. I’m going with the gnocchi (as evidenced by the vent slits already cut into the package…). Viva la microwave!

Here’s my 10K training plan (click image to view the full glory)! It’s a bastardized combination of Hal Higdon’s novice and intermediate 10K plans.

I liked the cross-training and stretch/strength days that the novice plan called for, but it didn’t include any speedwork or tempo runs. It also only built up to the longest run of 5.5 miles before tapering the last week.

On the other hand, the intermediate plan had speedwork and tempo runs, but it included quite a bit of running and eventually built up to the longest run of 8 miles.

So my combination of the two includes a day of cross-training, a day of stretching/strengthening, a day for speedwork or a tempo run, a rest day, and other general running days with a buildup to the longest run of 6 miles the weekend before the race.

I’ll be riding my bike for the cross-training, and stretching/strengthening will either be a yoga class at my gym or a Jillian Michaels DVD with hand weights at home β€” maybe alternating each week.

Tonight I’m going to flow yoga, which is a first for me. I love, love, love trying new things β€” and also jumping into a new training plan!!