The Category 2 (Sport) race began at noon.

40-49 was the first age group to take off. A minute later, the 30-39 group. The 50+ guys headed out after that, and then it was time for the 20-29 group (Aaron’s) and the 18-under group to go together.

After the first lap, only 20 guys were ahead of Aaron.

After the second lap, four.

And as he completed the third and final lap… none.

I had fun counting those numbers and screaming them out to him as he rode past. I think Aaron enjoyed picking them off, one by one, even more.

He loves standing on that blue podium, but it’s clearly time for him to move up to Cat 1 (Expert) and ride with the big dogs.

Based on the Cat 1 finish times, we found that if he had raced Expert today, he would have come in third β€” still amazing! Buuuut he’ll just have to work a little harder to get that blue podium and first-place medal again.

I know he can do it.

And, luckily, he loves a good challenge.