Oh my God, I did it!

10 post-race miles: DONE.

I hung out at home for a few hours after the race, eating lots of food and refreshing Online Race Results obsessively until the official results were posted. I was the 21st female, 6th in my division, and 57th overall out of 309 finishers. Whoop!!!

And then I surprised myself with how good my legs felt, and with the pace I was able to maintain during the 10 miles.

The last few miles were really mentally tough because I had been running… for… so… longgggg.

And now I’m stupid-tired and hanging out on the floor, from which I’ll only rise to get food.

Total miles: 19.3
Total running time: 2:44:23
Overall average pace: 8:30
Total calories burned (according to Garmin): 2,128

Make that lots and LOTS of food.

The end and the beginning

My half-marathon training plan is officially over and marathon training has officially begun!

(Except I’m still training for a half-marathon that’s a little less than three weeks away, soooo things are a little different than if I were just starting to train for a full.)

The last three weeks of my training were haphazard. I haven’t picked up a dumbbell or hopped on my bike trainer since I got the news about my mom’s health, and I’ve skipped a few runs, too.

Enough of that. It’s time to get back on track, be strong, and focus on my goal.

Today’s run: 5 miles at half-marathon goal pace (aiming for 9:00-9:05).


This was difficult! I ran on the outer path of Green Lake so I could get more used to the feeling of running on dirt/gravel, aka the same surface that makes up most of the half-marathon course.

I had to push my legs to keep a consistent pace on unsteady ground. Oh, sweet, sweet pavement, how I miss you.

Check out this official photo from Aaron’s mountain bike race yesterday:



Have I mentioned how very fulfilling it is to cheer on my best friend and lovah as he competes in a sport he loves, knowing that in a few weeks he’ll also do the same for me?

Well, ‘tis. ‘Tis indeed.



Lifting Routine: 

1st Circuit (repeat 3 times):
Lat Pulldown Machine- 65 lbs, 15 reps
Shoulder Press- 10 lb. dumbbells- 15 reps
Lateral Raises with 10 lb. dumbbells- 10 reps
Bicep curl with 25 lb. EZ curl bar- 15 reps

2nd Circuit (repeat 3 times):
Leg Press (one leg at a time)- 20 lbs, 15 reps
Lunges across the room and back
Wall sit with exercise ball behind me- 1 min. 5 seconds

3rd Circuit (repeat 3 times):
Chest Press- 20 lbs, 15 reps
Tricep Pressdown- 40 lbs, 15 reps
10 push-ups

 I’m totes doing this tonight (plus an easy 3 miles)!