This GPOYW is a two-parter to show that I’m not a freak, since the second photo is kind of freaky.

Part 1: Standing normally.

Part 2: Caught in mid-landing after jumping off that rock for a super-cheesy photo. (Ignore the gross facial expression and red marks on my shoulders from the skydiving harness).

HOLY QUADS. Not exactly ladylike, but they were carved out by miles and miles of pavement, so I’ll take ‘em.


GPOYW: “Crossing the finish line of my first 5K” edition.

I ran it in 33:32 and was dying at the end. Not sure how I managed to look so nice and carefree! Probably because of all the adrenaline that instantly got me hooked on racing.

Yes, my t-shirt says, “This Girl Can Party!”

(I’ve shaved 7 minutes and 7 seconds off that time, by the way. Yee-haw!)

GPOYW: Super-Sketchy Old Navy Fitting Room Edition

Yes, it’s still Wednesday on the West BEST coast! You heard me.

It’s REALLY hard to find comfortable shorts that aren’t too short/tight or too long/baggy. Who woulda thought Old Navy would come through with these basic chino shorts for only $19??

(It’s not shorts weather in Seattle, unfortunately. But it is in Hawaii — where I will be landing in about 48 hours!!)