I used MapMyRun to plan out my route for today. It turns out that running to the Fremont Bridge and back is exactly 3.1 miles! So, I did that.

My watch came up with 3.5 miles, so I calibrated the run to the actual distance of 3.1 miles using the Nike+ software. (The graph still says 3.5, so it looks like the change won’t take effect until my next run.) Hopefully this will lead to more accurate readings!

Fremont Bridge out-and-back
3.1 miles
9:30 pace

Another clear, sunny, gorgeous and cold-as-hell winter day.

(Note: I’m in love with my new running tights. They were a bit pricey, but I tried on a bunch of styles and these fit the best and felt the most comfortable. They keep me warm without making me too hot, which is a freakin’ miracle. Worth. It.)

Super excited about my new running tights. They feel like wetsuit material, which will be of use tomorrow.

Gonna be so cold.

There’s also a preview of our custom-made team t-shirts. And by custom-made, I mean Aaron drew/designed them and I just supervised.

Happy New Year! See you in 2011!