Let’s make a deal!

To keep my first day of fundraising for the American Cancer Society going strong ($41 raised so far!), here’s what I propose…

I have extra footage of the Do Life: Seattle meetup that didn’t make it into this video. Some of the clips are pretty funny – “outtakes,” if you will – and include fun moments starring Ben, Pa and other Do Lifers.

I’d like to round out the fundraising total to at least $100 today, so if we can hit that by midnight Pacific time, I’ll put together a fun “outtakes” video this weekend and have it posted on Tumblr by Monday, April 4.

That’s only $59 that needs to be donated here by midnight tonight! If you’d like me to make a fun "outtakes" video, just throw in a few bucks here and rally a bunch of Tumblr buddies to do the same. It’s for a great cause and it’ll give me an extra mental boost going into my intimidating first DetermiNation half marathon training run this weekend!

CLICK HERE TO DONATE, and please spread the word! Thanks!!

UPDATE: Mr. Ben Davis himself is the first person to throw down for this video – awesome, thank you! Click here to be all cool like Ben.

UPDATE #2: This is only Day 1 of fundraising, and I’ve got a goal of $1,250! I’ll be considering Tumblr challenges (like pushups or whatever – I’m a weakling) in exchange for donations – just submit your challenge/amount you’re willing to donate to my Ask box! Let’s make this reeeeeally fun!!

I got me a Davis sandwich!

Such a fun Do Life meetup this morning. It was a little cold and rainy, but the 30 or so people laughing, running and swapping stories more than made up for the weather.

Aaron and I got some awesome photos and video clips! I’m gonna go ahead and say the Do Life video we’re gonna put together will. be. sick.