Finished the #BigSurMarathon in 4:14:12! What an incredible race! The weather was perfect, and I ran nonstop through mile 22, when I started walking the relentless uphills. But before that, I felt strongest on the uphills, especially up Hurricane Point! I ran a smart race and enjoyed every minute, especially the strawberries at mile 23 – omg, life-changing. Thank you so much to all and especially to @aaronpass for the support and encouragement! 😘

Went to bed at 8:30, woke up at 2:30, getting on the bus to the start line at 4:00. Race starts at 6:45. Currently enjoying this epic breakfast from First Awakenings cafe, microwaved and salted at my Airbnb. I’ve already had bathroom success, so we’re off to a good start. 👍 See you at the finish line! 🏃 #BigSurMarathon